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Are you confident that your fire alarm will work in the event of a fire?
We've been helping business owners remain fire safety compliant for more than 3 decades.
Our state-of-the-art fire alarms ensure your property has adequate protection from the threat of fire
Fire protection has been our forte for more than 3 decades. Our approvals, technical knowledge and experience are just a few reasons why businesses rely on Church Street Security to keep them safe from the threat of fire.

Working across Hampshire in areas such as Romsey, we specialise in the installation and maintenance of addressable fire alarms, conventional systems, analogue fire alarms and wireless systems to name but a few. For a FREE quote, please get in touch with us today.
Fire Alarms Romsey
Why does your building need a fire alarm?
Fire Alarms Romsey
Protect your investments
Failing to have a fire alarm that alerts you when a fire has occurred could result in all of your assets being lost to fire.
Fire Alarms Romsey
Peace of mind
Having a fire alarm in place will provide you with the reassurance that your property has adequate protection.
Fire Alarms Romsey
Legal requirement
All commercial properties in the UK are required by law under the Fire Safety Order Act to have a fire alarm system.
Fire Alarms Romsey
Saves lives
Smoke and heat detectors will detect a fire in the very early stages allowing you to evacuate as quickly as possible.
Fire alarms that we can install
Whatever your fire safety requirements may be, we will design and install a bespoke fire system that ensures your property is safe from the threat of fire and complies with all Fire Safety requirements.
Fire Alarms Romsey
Addressable Fire Systems
Detectors that are part of this system will tell you exactly
where a fire has broken out.
Fire Alarms Romsey
Conventional Fire Alarm
A conventional fire alarm is used in smaller properties
when the level of safety is not as paramount.
Protecting your business from the threat of fire

With over 25% of businesses affected by fire not being able to re-open, it makes sense to ensure all precautions are taken into account to prevent the threat of fire. One of the first steps that you can take is to have fire alarms installed. From supply, installation and maintenance, our team of engineers are experienced in the field of fire alarms and a whole host of other fire protection systems.

Working throughout the Romsey area, our team are on hand at all times to assist you in your enquiry and ensure all needs are met to the highest of British Standards. For more information about fire alarms, or any other system that we install, please get in touch with our team today.

Fire Alarms Romsey Specialists in the installation of fire alarms
Fire Alarms Romsey Tailored to your building's needs & requirements
Fire Alarms Romsey Operating in Romsey and the surrounding areas
Fire Alarms Romsey
Speak to a specialist in fire protection today
We will ensure your building is complying with all fire safety requirements and that all occupants inside are safe. We work across Hampshire in areas such as Romsey, Ringwood and Southampton to name but a few.
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